JANET (BSc Med Hon Diet,Ct.Hyp.Dip.RTh.Cert.LBL)

Qualifying with a BSc Medical Honours in Dietetics, from Natal and Cape Town Universities in 1994, I worked in hospital settings and finally set up my own private practice as a dietician. This gave me experience in dealing with a variety of people and their problems. During this time I realized that people needed more than just a diet prescription,  but something on a deeper level. This led me into other avenues - the energy of the body.  I studied 2 years of Metaphysical Science,  followed by a 2 year  Energy Healing course, through the School of Intuition and Healing, based in London. Later qualifying as a hypnotherapist, certified Past Life Regression Therapist, and Life Between Lives Therapist through the U.K. Past Life Regression Academy.

I now combine my hypnotherapy, psychic and energy healing skills in providing energy healing, past/current life /inner child regression sessions, life between lives regressions and spirit releasement from people, houses and workplaces, in order to positively affect a change within a person or place. 

Janet Homan 

BSc Med. Honours In Dietetics (UCT)

Registered Internationally:

Energy Healer

Hypnotherapy Practitioner(Ct.Hyp)

Registered Past Life Regression Therapist (Dip.RTh)

Registered Life Between Lifes Therapist(Cert.LBL) 


" finding your souls hidden treasures "