•  Complex Trauma Therapy

Complex trauma is experienced when a distressing or emotionally painful situation occurs over an extended period of time, involving physical, emotional or verbal harm from caregivers or those we deem to be "trustworthy,"  and will have profound subconscious effects on our entire body and how we see and react to the world around us.  Due to this victims learn to interpret others' actions towards themselves as " I'm not worthy of care", "I trust no one," "I need to look for danger everywhere", and nobody is ever going to love me."

If emotions linked to complex trauma are not "processed" and "resolved"  it can become embedded in the physical body as cellular memories.

These cellular memories will cause a person to react at a subconscious level, in their behavior to others, relationships, job interactions, and life choices. 

  • a qualified therapist will use bodywork to release the embedded emotions and link them to the root cause with resolution
  • sessions range from 1.5 - 2.5hrs
  • hypnosis may be used to allow the client to be in a relaxed state


  • Past life / Current life/ Inner Child Regression

Clients are guided into a relaxed state of awareness via hypnosis, to relive and resolve scenes or conflicts from past lives, current life issues,  or connect to their inner child. Hypnosis is used in order to buy pass the conscious or logical mind and enter the subconscious mind, where memories are stored.  These memories may be unconsciously distorting their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, causing energy blocks in the current life. Energy blocks can manifest in many different ways in the current life,  e.g. anxiety, anger outbursts, depression, panic attacks, phobias, relationship problems, or unexplained physical pain.


  • qualified therapists  - are trained to link and move between past lives and current lives, and ultimately help the client to clear and obtain understandings on aspects affecting their current lives.


  •  past life / current life session  -  2.5 hrs 
  •  inner child session - 2.5hrs 


How Many Sessions Do You Need?

Usually, the number of sessions will be agreed upon on an individual basis, depending on the complexity of the issue. Generally after 2 - 3 sessions, clients have a profound shift in their lives.



  • Life Between Lives Regression- (LBL)

Clinical hypnosis techniques aid clients to access their Soul memories about the afterlife. This type of regression will help to answer questions such as "Who am I ?" "Why am I here ?" and "Where do I come from? " Clients will be taken into a very deep trance, in order to access the spiritual world, where life choices and the purpose for their current life was set up. Clients will need to clear their adjacent past life blockages in a separate session, before entering an LBL. (soul journey)

  • this regression is a highly spiritual one and takes the client "back home" - where ever that may be.


  •  pre-past life session - 2.5 hrs
  •  LBL session - 3 - 4 hrs



A spirit can become earthbound after passing. This may be due to traumatic death, longing for loved ones, or a feeling of some unfinished business. Many spirits remain in the earth plane due to lack of awareness of their passing and can attach to a person's energy field or body. This form of "releasement" is done with much compassion, is non-invasive, and very gentle, which helps these souls cross over, to carry on their life's journey.  Releasing these lost souls is a very personal release and healing for both client and spirit.


  •   releasement session  - 1.5 - 2 hrs 

          (this may also take place as part of a PLR session) 



Clients who are not in the same area or country as the therapist can undergo a regression session via a proxy. This entails, two qualified therapists, one taking in the client's energy into the therapist's body, after her energy is removed and placed in a safe area, the second therapist will perform the regression as normal.  This is known as a transference of energy and is as effective as if the person was doing the session themselves. A recording of the session and report is sent to the client. This is an effective way to do regressions on children as it is non-invasive and very safe for their energy system.

  • proxy session length - 2.5 hrs
  • 2 qualified therapists are needed for a proxy session



Cleansing of spaces from entities, negative energies, psychic attack, and geopathic lines in order to allow a positive energy flow.

  • session length - house size dependant (+/- 3hrs)



  • session  - 2.5hrs depending on the complexity of the attack.



The use of one's own natural ability to access the unconscious mind to safely bring about the changes one requires in one's conscious mind i.e. one's life.  e.g. phobias, stress, self-confidence are just a few aspects hypnotherapy can aid in.  

  • session length - 1.5hrs
  •  stop smoking session - 2 hrs



Uses natural healing energy to treat the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Aids any illness, stress, or injury.  It is done off the body, is natural, non-invasive, holistic, and complements orthodox medicine or other therapies.

  • session - 1.5 hrs

(Distant healing is also available, where a person does not have to be in the same room or country as the healer.)



The use of individualized diet prescriptions to aid one's health for specific medical diseases and weight loss.

  • initial session - 1.5hrs
  • followup sessions - 1 hr