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Regression Therapy
While everyone seems to be talking about “past lives” these days, it’s imperative to understand that entering a past life is only a small part of a far broader healing modality called Regression Therapy. Today we recognise that life experiences and traumas are perceived by the subconscious mind as an image, linked with either a negative or positive emotion. If not resolved, these emotional coupled images maybe translated and held in the body’s energetic layers, ultimately governing how we automatically react to a situation. e.g. if we think of a lemon, the subconscious mind will summon up the image coupled with an emotion, and the body will automatically react - a sour taste and increased saliva in the mouth. Regression Therapy is the process whereby specialised techniques are used to locate and clear these emotional coupled images, by uncovering the cause at the source, navigating between past or current lives if necessary, finally dissolving the emotional link to that image. Regression Therapy deals with the subconscious and conscious mind, as well as a person’s, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - energetic layers at one given time – facilitating a very deep energetic healing and shift. Advanced training in Regression Therapy equips therapists with specialised techniques to track the issue being presented by the client, back to the root cause. Training includes how to access past life, current or inner child scenarios, incorporate repressed cellular memory techniques, identifying and clearing energies, which may affect the outcome of a session, identify contracts and links to current life people from the past, resolving and re-framing with the aid of resolution and body assimilation techniques through to the present day. The ultimate goal of Regression Therapy is to help a person gain an understanding of their current life situation or symptom, in order to make their current life more enjoyable and fruitful.