Regression Therapy accesses the subconscious and emotional memories locked in the physical body.

Complex Trauma occurs by witnessing or experiencing repetitive physical, emotional, sexual, or alcoholic abuse, from those whom we hold in high regard or caregivers. If untreated, it can have profound effects on a person's future and family units. Sadly in South Africa, this type of trauma is climbing at a phenomenal rate, without distinction between age, social, or economic status.

Sadly over the years, I began to see an increase in clients with this type of trauma and began pro bona work to help those in need. With an already overburdened solo practice and the need which was growing inside of me to help those that did not have access to professional help, – my dreams of training practitioners from vulnerable backgrounds started materializing.

Funding in a 3rd world country is always a difficult aspect - so I decided to train partitioners from vulnerable areas with a student funding program - training community-based practitioners as qualified Regression Trauma practitioners. 


1. To empower members of vulnerable communities, to become entrepreneurs and aid in the health and wellbeing of their own community. 

2. To train community-based practitioners with the knowledge to aid victims of complex trauma within vulnerable areas.

"There is no better teacher than those who become teachers from the same area and culture " 

3. To decrease the exponential rise of the countries physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse - by empowering people with the knowledge of the consequences abuse at any age and in any form, has on a person, their future relationships, self-esteem, job opportunities, financial status, family units and life as a whole.  



If you would like to help as a donor/surrogate  - the art of giving can be very empowering!


The teaching and placement of community-based practitioners in distressed vulnerable areas, to help children and adults alike, to live, laugh, and love life.

"Thank you for helping us to help the victims of abuse to become survivors"

All contributions will be administered through back a buddy solidarity funding.


All contributions will be administered through back a buddy solidarity funding.

email: janet@schoolofregressiontherapy.com

cell: 0828711069

PLEASE NOTE  #fundapractitioner will be empowering students from communities who earn below minimum wage.