Regression Therapy accesses the subconscious and emotional memories locked in the physical body.

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) - from verbal, emotional, physical or sexual trauma is climbing at a phenomenal rate worldwide, without distinction between age, social or economic status.

Due to my increasing pro bona work on an already overburdened solo practice and the need which was growing inside of me to help those that did not have access to professional help – my dreams of training practitioners from less fortunate backgrounds started slowly materializing.

Funding in a 3rd world country is always a difficult aspect - so I decided to train partitioners from all areas with funding a student program - training less fortunate practitioners as qualified Regression Trauma practitioners. 

My main aim for the school is to start funding a non-profit organization that will eventually train specific people in outlying areas. 

For 2 reasons:

1. To empower members of communities in outlying areas who are less fortunate, to become an entrepreneur and aid in the health and wellbeing of their own community. -

"There is no better teacher than those who become teachers from the same area and culture " 

2. To help inform everyone and decrease the exponential rise of the world's physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse - by empowering people on how abuse at any age and in any form, affects a persons, future relationships, self-esteem, job opportunities, financial status and life as a whole.  


If you would like to help as a donor/surrogate  - the art of giving can be very empowering <3

YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL AID: the teaching and placement of practitioners in distressed socio-economic areas, which will aid children and adults alike, to live, laugh and love life, without unconscious trauma repercussions.


Janet  on 

email: janet@schoolofregressiontherapy.com

cell: 0828711069

PLEASE NOTE  #fund a practitioner will only be open to participants who earn below minimum wage.